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Start your Day off with Crosby's

A Breakfast Combo will add a smile to the start of your day!

Any Crosby’s Breakfast Sandwich and any size Arabica Bean Coffee only $3.99!

Crosby's Pizza Days!

Get a great deal every Tuesday and Thursday!

Two large Cheese and Pepperoni Pizzas for just $15.99!

Hungry for a great sandwich?

Choose from over a dozen mouth watering sub recipes, all made on a fresh Costanzo roll!

Get a Whole Crosby’s Pizza Sub for just $5.99! Made with 100% whole milk mozzarella.

Specialty Pizza Combo!

6 Pizza Varieties to Choose From!

Get a 2L Pepsi or Mountain Dew for just $0.99 with any Specialty Pizza Purchase!

A Lunch Value that satisfies!

Satisfying Quick Lunch, when you’re on the go!

A slice of calzone and a 1 Liter Pepsi, only $5!

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October 10th to November 6th 2018

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