My Crosby's Rewards

Bonus Points and Deals

Earn 10 points per dollar spent in store, 5 points per gallon of gas purchased, and then save them to redeem for some fantastic rewards!

Rewards include: a fountain drink or coffee, a cookie, a large cheese pizza, Perrier Water, Andy Capp Fries, Bison Chip Dip, 10 cents off per gallon of gas AND MORE! Don’t forget to register your card to receive all benefits!

Earn Bonus Points on Special Items–Current promotions include:

  • Earn 250 Bonus Points when you purchase any two 900ml Poland Spring or 750ml Acqua Panna products
  • Earn 250 Bonus Points when you purchase any three Monster or Reign Energy drinks
  • Earn 200 Bonus Points when you purchase any two M&M snacks
  • Earn 50 Bonus Points when you purchase two Chick-O-Sticks

Rack up the rewards with our three frequent purchase clubs and save on Coffee, Fountain Drinks, Ice Cream and Subs!

Whether you like things hot or cold, we have a member pricing deal for you! Get two f’real milkshakes for $6 with your My Crosby’s Rewards Card, or enjoy ANY-SIZE HOT COFFEE for just $1! Only for registered members–so don’t forget to register your card!

New Year Savings

January 2nd through January 26th
Crosby's (NY)
Crosby's (PA)

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