Saving O' The Green

February 26th through March 25th

Breakfast Combo Deal

A breakfast deal to add a smile to the start of your day!

An Egg & Cheese Muffin, Hashbrown and Any Size Coffee for $3.00. Great value.

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Start Your Day Off With Crosby's

Add a Smile To Your Day at Crosby’s!

Any Half Breakfast Crosboli, Hashbrown and Any Size Coffee for $4. Great Value

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Whole Tuna Sub

Made on a Fresh Costanza Roll

Get a Made To Order Whole Tuna Sub for only $5.99 – Save $2.00

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Coffee Happy Hour

Everyday from 4 to 8 pm

Enjoy any size, fresh & hot gourmet coffee for only 99¢, everyday from 4pm to 8 pm.  Excludes Tim Horton’s, Dunkin Donuts and Coffee Culture locations)

Crosby's Snack Pack

Only $2.29 – Save $1

Get 1 original Pizza Log and 2 Mozzarella Sticks.

Corner Cafe Menu

Large White Veggie Pizza


White Sauce, Mozzarella, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Hot Banana Peppers & Tomatoes.  Save $4

Corner Cafe Menu

New Crosby's Gift Cards

Available in Any Denomination!

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