Picnic Party Headquarters

July 16th through August 12th

Limited Time Only!


Wake up with a Crosby’s Steak & Egg Bagel

Only $2.99! Make it a Meal for only $1 more, with a Hash Brown and 16 oz Premium Coffee!

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Limited Time Only!

Pizza, Summer BBQ Style!

A Large BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza $13.99, Save $2!

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Chicken Finger Meal

Quick Lunch or Snack!

2 Piece Whole White Meat Chicken Fingers & an order of Fries only $3.99! Great Value!

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Whole Ultimate BLT Sub

Made on a Fresh Costanza Roll

Get a Made to Order Whole Ultimate BLT Sub only $5.99! Save $2

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Pizza Combo Meal!

Satisfying Quick Lunch when you’re on the go!

Two slices of Cheese & Pepperoni pizza & 20 oz. Coke $4!

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